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With a continuously enhanced candidate database, TalentOS empowers recruiters to connect with diverse candidates beyond LinkedIn while identifying passive candidates ready for their next opportunity.

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    • What is ZoomInfo TalentOS?

      TalentOS empowers recruiting teams to control the hiring funnel for passive candidates. Recruitment teams unlock unparalleled talent intelligence, engage candidates with their employer brand, and can hire faster in any talent market. With a database of contacts that is larger and updated more frequently than any competitor, TalentOS is the ultimate solution for modern recruitment. Elevate your recruitment process and find the best candidates faster with TalentOS.

    • Uncover Hidden Talent with Advance Search Filters

      Find candidates using search filters unique to TalentOS, including Likely to Listen status, diversity and inclusion filters, company growth rates, workplace environment ratings, and more. ZoomInfo TalentOS search filters go beyond traditional recruiting search terms. Get granular and filter a search by key skills, tenure, and specific technical expertise to find candidates that fit an open role. Then apply advanced filters to fill your pipeline with qualified candidates.

    • Contact Qualified Passive Candidates

      Once you have discovered your top candidates it’s time to connect with them. ZoomInfo TalentOS gives talent acquisition professionals access to 50M+ mobile phone numbers and 46M+ personal email addresses along with the tools to engage a candidate where they spend most of their time, on their phone. To get a candidate's attention, recruiters need 6+ points of contact. Start conversations that cut through the noise on LinkedIn. With TalentOS, you have the data and tools to connect with the talent you thought was unreachable.

    • Seamless Integration With Top Applicant Tracking Systems

      ZoomInfo TalentOS integrates directly to Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems such as Bullhorn, JobDiva, Greenhouse, PCRecruiter, Crelate, Salesforce, Zoho, and more. The integrations allow for candidates in TalentOS to be exported to your exsiting candidate database while enhancing their record with ZoomInfo data. Recruiters can also add candidates to an open job record in their ATS from TalentOS. If an integration is not available,TalentOS makes it easy to export candidate data into Excel. Creating a quality candidate experience is part of the hiring process, and can be easily achieved with ZoomInfo TalentOS.

    "ZoomInfo created a platform that allows us to find the talent we need in a user-friendly way. With ZoomInfo TalentOS, we not only get access to candidates, but also information on their companies, which is critical in the current market. ZoomInfo TalentOS combines different resources into one, so everything is at our fingertips."

    Kim Laipple
    Vice President, Recruiting Operations at Scientific Search

    "I’m finding more aligned candidates on here as opposed to LinkedIn Recruiter. LinkedIn Recruiter will pull in other folks that look like a fit... but on ZoomInfo TalentOS, I’m finding a lot more of the specific roles I’m looking for."

    Alex Martinez
    Technical Sourcing Recruiter at Amazon