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    • Data-driven insights that provide a 360 degree view of the global corporate landscape

      The ZoomInfo Data Cloud is a repository of the world's most accurate and comprehensive B2B intelligence. Agencies can integrate over 300+ data attributes to understand their customer like never before. Learn more about our advanced portfolio of actionable contact, company, intent and technographic data intelligence.

    • Data privacy and security practices you can rely on.

      As a steward of B2B data, ZoomInfo’s Code of Community is a promise to collect, verify, and secure high-quality, ethically sourced business information. We pride ourselves on our dedicated privacy team.

      Beyond these prominent certifications, ZoomInfo is self-certified to the frameworks to further support its commitment to applying privacy protections to data transfers from the EU, UK, and/or Switzerland to the US.

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    • ZoomInfo at a Glance

      We’ve built the leading worldwide data intelligence platform to support your go-to-market strategy — wherever you or your customers are in the world. We provide the precise data you need to reach your goals.

      • 57% YoY Growth

      • 25B Market Cap

      • 50% Fortune 500 Customers

      • 2600+ Employees

      • 23K+ Customers