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  • What is it?

    Through an unparalleled combination of proprietary AI and machine learning tools, vast community network, deep two-way integrations, and human verification from 200 researchers, ZoomInfo has built the most comprehensive and accurate 360-degree view of companies and business professionals.
    The go-to-market platform drives BIG (data-powered) wins and immediate revenue gains through accurate and intelligent information on key accounts and customers.

  • Real-time Insights with Scoops and Intent

    With ZoomInfo, your teams are already benefiting from dynamic, real-time intelligence that enables them to get in touch with key decision-makers. Scoops includes information—gathered by ZoomInfo’s very own in-house researchers—on hundreds of projects happening across all industries and classifications throughout the country.
    With the Intent feature, ZoomInfo pulls signals from across a variety of sources directly into the platform to help your team understand your buyer’s interests and pinpoint when they’re most ready to purchase.

  • Firmographic and technographic data

    The platform contains detailed information about the companies that matter most to you, plus essential data on the technologies and tools your key accounts rely on — helping you to identify new prospects, conduct hyper-targeted outreach, and have more informed sales conversations. More than this, ZoomInfo supercharges your prospecting intelligence based on previously won and lost deals, automatically scoring the company attributes that indicate a good fit with the help of proprietary machine learning capabilities.

  • Company Hierarchy and locations

    ZoomInfo company Hierarchy puts hierarchical data into a more digestible format and creates a more user-friendly experience. This feature helps your teams to better understand a company’s family tree and form a clearer, wider picture of its customer portfolio. Locations, true to word, gives you the different locations of your specified company.

"With ZoomInfo our sales reps can access what they need quickly and easily and have confidence in the data they are using – increasing effectiveness and productivity."

John Dering
Senior Director of ABM Technology and Strategy at DemandBase

"Since bringing on ZoomInfo, our overall productivity has increased by 24%, our email open rates have increased by 15% and the total number of meetings booked has increased by 11%."

Zach Haber
Head of Sales Development at KeepTruckin